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Smile Proudly & Comfortably

Millions of people suffer from the embarrassment of crooked or missing teeth and associated jaw pain. Up until very recently, a beautiful smile and pain free jaw was only afforded by the very rich or those lucky enough to be blessed with straight teeth.

Often, people who are embarrassed of their teeth hold a lot of tension in their jaw. This jaw tension comes from a person’s continual yet sub conscience dislike of this area of their body. Jaw tension is also the result of constantly trying to hide one’s teeth when smiling or talking.

Now there is a ray of hope for all people suffering from embarrassing teeth. Here are the most common procedures that will fix any grin:

When a person is missing one or more teeth, the best option is to put a dental bridge in place. Just as it sounds, a bridge will literally ‘bridge’ the gap between missing teeth with natural-appearing teeth that are often made of porcelain or other hard materials.

To cover one single missing tooth, a crown is set in place. A dental crown will usually take the place of a tooth that was shaved down during a root canal. Often a crown is used in the back of the mouth to retain a natural look in one’s overall smile.

Implant Dentistry
Since bridges and crowns are likely to pop out over the course of many years, dental implants were invented to be a permanent fix. Though this procedure is a bit more expensive, the results are guaranteed for life. The tooth implant is set in one’s jaw with a tiny screw. After several months, the implant will begin to adhere itself to a person’s mouth and will act as a natural tooth.

Dental Prosthetics
This is another approach to fixing the appearance of missing teeth. The dental prosthetics are usually intended for people who would otherwise need a complete set of dentures. The prosthetic is the next generation of removable dentures in the sense that they are only removable if absolutely necessary. Dental prosthetics strive to provide people with a permanent or semi permanent new set of teeth.