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Invisalign is a treatment for straightening teeth, much like traditional metal braces. Invisalign, however, is revolutionary in that it is a system which uses a series of virtually invisible removable aligners to gradually reposition your teeth. This treatment is best suited for those who need mild to moderate orthodontic treatment and the average treatment length is 12 months, much less than the average time wearing braces.

The clear aligner trays are made specifically for each client. The tray fits over the teeth and gently shifts the position of them, gradually changing your smile. Every two weeks, you receive a new tray to continue changing your teeth position. There is no tightening or wire adjustment as with metal braces, so the whole process is very comfortable.

Since the Invisalign trays are removable, you can take them out when you eat or brush your teeth. Unlike metal braces, there are no restricted foods (like popcorn or hard candies) when you wear Invisalign. You can take out your trays if you need to floss or wear a mouth guard for sports, then put them back in when you are finished. The chance of tooth decay while getting orthodontic treatment is lessened when using Invisalign, as you can brush, floss and have your teeth professionally cleaned more thoroughly.

Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing Invisalign is the confidence it gives you while you are straightening your teeth. Traditional braces can be a difficult adjustment for teenagers who are already self-conscious or adults who are working and may be interacting with clients or involved in public speaking. Invisalign trays, since they are clear, are fairly unnoticeable and allow you to continue your everyday activities without affecting your confidence.

If you are considering Invisalign, know that the price is usually higher than that of traditional treatment. It could be worth it, however, because of all the advantages of having beautiful, straight teeth without the self-consciousness that sometimes comes with wearing braces.