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February is Dental Health Month

Without proper oral hygiene and routine evaluation by a dentist in Fox Lake, individuals often develop gum disease. Gum disease, also referred to as gingivitis or periodontal disease, while seemingly a minor problem, may affect overall health if not treated promptly. Besides causing bad breath and inflammation, gum disease progresses, causing discomfort and an unsightly appearance. Gum tissue actually pulls away from teeth, which provides a portal for harmful infection creating microbes. In time, the organisms hidden within these recesses work through tooth enamel causing cavities. Eventually, the tooth loosens while subsurface bone and tissue deteriorates.

Regular dental checkups by Infinity Dental Fox Lake decreases gum disease and leads to better overall oral health, which can also decrease your risk of heart disease. When avoiding treatment by the local dentist, bacteria invade tissue and find a pathway into the bloodstream. Organisms then cause vascular irritation, which may lead to hypertension. Microbes continue circulating through the body, arriving at the heart. Here, infections often affect the lining of the heart creating a serious condition known as endocarditis. When invading the heart tissue, infections may interfere with the mechanisms that regulate heart rate or the structures responsible for pumping blood into and out of the organ. When untreated, these infections lead to dysrhythmias or heart failure.

Pregnant women suffering from gingivitis may endanger the unborn infant. The development of systemic infections may cause low birth weight or premature labor and delivery. Some researchers believe gum disease may contribute to the development of osteoporosis. If not properly treated by a dentist in Fox Lake, diabetics having periodontal disease may quickly succumb to serious medical illness. Increased blood sugar provides microorganisms with an energy source, which encourages growth and replication. The condition also generally causes impaired circulation, which interferes with the body’s healing process.

Infinity Dental Fox Lake offers general dentistry in the Fox Lake, Illinois area who take dental health and your dental concerns seriously. The family dentistry practice has experience caring for patients of all ages. Maintain the family’s overall health by ensuring everyone has optimal dental health.