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Oral Cancer Awareness at Infinity Dental Fox Lake

There are around 40,000 individuals who currently live in the United States that will be diagnosed with oral cancer at some point during this year. Unfortunately, most of these people will not even realize it at first because they are not seeing the dentist on a routine basis as they should. April has been chosen as the Oral Cancer Awareness month. During the month of April, dentists will be doing what they can to spread the word about oral cancer to help raise awareness for this form of cancer. The dentists at Infinity Dental, Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Prendergast, are both looking to raise awareness of oral cancer in Fox Lake, Illinois.

As  general dentists in Fox Lake, Illinois, both Dr. Prendergast and Dr. Shepherd know how important it is for their patients to be screened regularly for oral cancer, especially since the screenings are the best way for oral cancer to be detected when it is first developing. Those who have been looking to find a dentist in Fox Lake, Illinois who takes their time and is thorough with the cleaning of the teeth and screening process will no longer have to worry. Both of the professional, experienced dentists at Infinity Dental are very thorough and willing to explain the entire screening, cleaning, and x-ray process to each patient.

These dentists also talk to their patients about the importance of setting up appointments for regular dental check ups in Fox Lake, Illinois. The reason they do this is to ensure their patients have healthy teeth and gums, which can lead to overall good health and well-being. Individuals who are currently looking for a dentist office in Fox Lake, Illinois should consider scheduling an appointment for a routine cleaning and examination at Infinity Dental. Upon scheduling the appointment, patients can come into the dental office, receive an extensive evaluation, and be screened for both oral cancer and periodontal disease. The oral cancer screenings can make a difference while also saving the lives of individuals who would otherwise be plagued with this type of cancer.