Cosmetic Dentistry Fox Lake IL

Infinity Dental of Fox Lake strives not only to correct dental imperfections, but to help patients achieve a comfortable, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. We take a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry by planning and achieving the patient’s wants and goals. Whether you want a subtle change or a complete smile makeover, Infinity Dental is here to help.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is more than just a brand new smile. Through careful evaluation and planning, our cosmetic dentists will go through several steps together with you in order to achieve the desired results:

Comprehensive Evaluation: 
First, the dentist will perform a physical evaluation of the teeth, gums, jaw, and muscles. Any existing problems such as tooth decay or grinding should be corrected prior to a smile makeover because they are likely to reappear.

Treatment Planning: 
The dentist will then plan treatment for the smile makeover. This includes taking x-rays, molds, and impressions of the teeth to create 3-D models of the patient’s mouth. You will discuss the options available with the dentists, have the opportunity to see cosmetic dentistry before and after photos, as well as projected models for your new smile. This open and candid discussion with the dentist allows for a complete understanding of the treatment.

The dentist may apply temporary restorations, which is a tooth-colored, plastic version of the final restoration in order to protect teeth in the meantime and give the dentist and patient of what the final restorations will look like.

End Results: 
Placing the final restoration into the patient’s mouth is a simple process because of the cautious and comprehensive steps the cosmetic dentist took. The entire process ranges from patient to patient, and some may be in the final stages in a few weeks and others who wish for more drastic results, a few months.

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