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Do I Need to Call My Dentist?

To maintain our oral health, we visit our dentists for regular cleanings and exams every six months. However, sometimes we notice issues in our smiles in between these routine appointments. It may be difficult to know if these problems are…


Which Cosmetic Treatment Can Enhance My Smile?

The appearance of our teeth can change over time, sometimes due to factors outside of our control, including aging. But if we are unhappy with the way that our smile looks, we can talk to a dental professional about smile…


Why Straighten Crooked Teeth?

Teeth can become misaligned or crooked due to poor oral habits or factors beyond a patient’s control, such as genetics. Your dentist may recommend straightening your smile with orthodontic treatments or the discreet alternative, Invisalign. Aligning your teeth can offer…


3 Ways to Prevent Dry Socket

Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if you have a damaged tooth that does not respond to less invasive treatments. After this oral surgery, you should take care of the extraction site and plan for several days of recovery.…


Replace One or More Teeth with Implants

Whether you have lost one tooth or all your teeth, you may have noticed a major impact on your oral function. Chewing and speaking may become difficult if you are missing teeth. Permanent tooth replacement is possible with dental implants.…


What to Do About a Chipped Tooth

Teeth endure wear and tear on a daily basis, but accidents can happen that result in a portion of your tooth enamel breaking and leaving you with a chipped tooth. If this occurs, the appearance of your smile can be…


Whiten Teeth with a Dental Professional

If you notice staining, yellowing, or discoloration on the surface of your teeth, you may hope to enhance your smile with teeth whitening treatment. You may be aware that your dentist offers this cosmetic dental service, but you may have…


Demystifying the Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns are a useful restorative dental treatment that can protect your teeth and restore your smile. Patients with decayed or broken teeth, or those who have undergone root canal therapy, can benefit from a dental crown. Many dental patients…


Cosmetic Dental Damage and Pandemic Stress

With heightened regulations and chaos during this ongoing global pandemic, many individuals are more stressed than usual. Increased stress levels can be detrimental to your well-being, including your oral health. Stress-related habits can harm the appearance of your smile too.…


Coffee and Your Oral Health

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. Whether you enjoy a warm mug in the morning or an iced drink on the go, coffee is a staple in many individuals’ routines. It may be surprising…