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Types of Dental Stains

Many people value a pearly white smile. But your tooth color can change over time in a number of ways. You might see dark stains on your teeth, yellowing, or dullness in your smile. With help from your dentist, you…


Maximize Porcelain Veneers Effects

If you feel unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you can meet with a dentist to find a cosmetic dental solution that will enhance the look of your teeth. One of the best ways to do this is with…


What Is Tooth Sensitivity?

Have you ever bitten into something cold or sugary and felt a jolt of pain in your tooth? This pain is known as tooth sensitivity, and it can feel excruciating. However, since the feeling tends to come and go, some…


Does Vaping Hurt Dental Health?

New research published in the Journal of the American Dental Association suggests that vaping can increase an individual’s risk of forming cavities. This is due to the sugary sweeteners added to the liquid in e-cigarettes. While research on the impact…


Preventing Dental Implant Failure

Patients seeking comprehensive and effective tooth replacement that can last a lifetime can benefit from dental implants. These fixtures feature fixed prosthetic teeth that will fill gaps in your smile, improve oral functions, and prevent further oral health problems that…


Keep Teeth Bright After Whitening

Have you noticed yellowing, staining, or diminished color in your teeth? Poor oral habits could lead to this dental discoloration. But these stains may accrue due to factors outside your control too, like aging or medication side effects. If you…


Nutrition Tips for Healthy Gums

The foods and drinks that you consume play a major role in the look and feel of your smile. This proves especially true when it comes to gum health. Gum disease, an infection of the gum tissue, affects more than…


What Is Recurrent Tooth Decay?

Cavities affect a majority of people at some point in their lives. You likely have at least one dental filling from a treated cavity in your smile now. A dentist permanently eradicates a cavity when giving you a filling, but…


Drinking Water Helps Your Smile

From a young age, we learn that the human body consists primarily of water. So drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is crucial to remaining healthy. This proves true for your oral health too. To avoid dehydration and therefore…


Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Yellowing, staining, and dullness in your teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. You can enhance the color of your teeth with specialized whitening treatment at your dentist’s office. Though brightening your smile is appealing to many people,…