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Will Invisalign Help My Smile?

Do you have a crooked smile or gaps between your teeth? Dental alignment issues can disrupt your smile aesthetics but also put you in danger of certain oral health problems. Your dentist can help straighten minor alignment problems in your…


Dangers of Gum Recession

Your gums serve as connective tissue that keeps your teeth in a firm, secure position in your smile. Many people do not realize that if you face damage to your gums, the look and feel of your teeth can suffer…


Tips for Timing Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are stubborn stains on your teeth dulling your smile? Your dentist can offer both in-office and at-home treatments that can brighten your tooth color. They can help you get a whiter smile that looks both beautiful and natural according to…


Why Do I Have Chronic Bad Breath?

Most of us have suffered from bad breath after consuming a strongly scented meal. Usually, you can get rid of a foul odor in your mouth by practicing oral hygiene. You can brush away lingering bits of food to leave…


How Veneers Achieve a Natural Look

Do you feel unhappy about the way that your teeth look? If you want to get a brighter, straighter, or more even smile, ask your dentist about porcelain veneers. These cap-like shells adhere to the front of your teeth to…


Leading Causes of Tooth Loss

Millions of people suffer from tooth loss. They can lose one or more teeth for a number of reasons, and this problem will leave them struggling with oral functions, dental health, and smile aesthetics. A dentist can work with you…


Can You Reverse Tooth Decay?

Your mouth naturally features bacteria, which will require at-home and professional dental care to keep it balanced. Otherwise, oral bacteria will linger on your teeth and eat at your dental structure. If bacteria create a hole in your tooth enamel,…


Hygiene Tips for Invisalign

If you want to straighten minor alignment issues in your smile, ask your dentist about Invisalign. These custom-made plastic trays will fit your unique smile and gradually push teeth into your desired straight position. You wear these aligners for most…


Will Implants Affect Other Dental Work?

Missing teeth can prove severely detrimental to your dental health, smile appearance, and oral function. Fortunately, your dentist can help you restore your smile after tooth loss with fixed oral devices called dental implants. These tools can enhance the look,…


Do I Have Non-Vital Tooth Pulp?

Tooth pulp refers to the innermost layer of your tooth. It contains blood vessels and nerves that keep the tooth connected to the rest of your body and healthy. If you suffer an injury to the tooth, whether acute like…