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All About TMJ Disorder

Have you been suffering chronic headaches of late and can’t understand why? Does it seem like nothing will make them go away? Is your jaw aching as well? You could be the victim of TMJ, a common problem for many people that is misunderstood. Get to the root of your pain to find solutions.

What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular disorders are due to an underlying problem with the Temporomandibular joint. This is the hinge that acts as the important connection for the skull and the lower jaw. As it swings open and shut every time that you talk or eat, it sees a great deal of use. When problems arise in this joint, you could really feel the effects.

Numerous factors could come into play with the Temporomandibular joint. The disc that cushions the joint could move out of alignment. You might grind your teeth and not even realize it. You could have arthritis or have injured your jaw. Stress is also a major factor as you clench your jaw constantly and put too much pressure on this vital part of your body. If you have TMJ, the symptoms are not going to go away and need to be dealt with.

TMJ Symptoms Explained

If you have TMJ, pain in your jaw is common. It may go beyond and affect your neck and shoulders. Frequent headaches are especially common and can be severe. If your jaw freezes or makes an irritating popping noise, you are experiencing more symptoms of TMJ. Stop enduring the problem and seek help.

TMJ Treatment Options

At Infinity Dental in Fox Lake, Illinois, Dr. Thomas Prendergast can assist you with TMJ problems. After making a diagnosis, he’ll discuss your options. You could begin using a splint, mouth guard or night guard to help get your jaw in proper alignment, or protect it from grinding. A bite correction procedure could be helpful as well. Call for a consultation today and get to the heart of your headaches. If TMJ is your dental problem, there are remedies for you.