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Snoring? We Can Help!

Do you or your partner snore during sleep?

Snoring, although common, can be a sign of a serious health concern known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). There are a variety of risk factors for OSA, which is more common in men and patients who are overweight.

OSA symptoms can affect daily life!

  • Feeling tired during the day, even after “sleeping” for 6-8 hours
  • Headaches upon waking
  • Suddenly waking during the night
  • Feeling restless at night
  • Feeling “foggy” or unable to concentrate during the day
  • Dry mouth upon waking

These and other symptoms may indicate the need for medical evaluation to determine if the patient is suffering from OSA and would benefit from treatment. OSA can be a serious condition and lead to overall health problems, including an increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

Chicago family dentist at Infinity Dental in Fox Lake offer conservative treatment for OSA, including oral appliance therapy to prevent snoring and other side effects of OSA. An oral appliance keeps the airways open during sleep by preventing the soft tissues of the mouth from collapsing and causing blockage that results in snoring and sudden sleep disturbances.

If you or your partner snores, schedule a consultation with Infinity Dental to determine if oral appliance therapy can restore both your health and a good night’s sleep!