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Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Yellowing, staining, and dullness in your teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. You can enhance the color of your teeth with specialized whitening treatment at your dentist’s office.

Though brightening your smile is appealing to many people, some may worry that this procedure can have detrimental effects on their teeth. They especially might feel concerned that teeth whitening can cause pain that may linger. Read on to learn more about teeth whitening treatment and how you can keep your teeth healthy and pain-free after this procedure.

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Is the Teeth Whitening Process Painful?

One of the major causes of dental fear in patients is the anticipation of pain. Dental patients can relax knowing that professional teeth whitening treatment will not hurt. Patients can complete an in-office procedure in one one-hour session.

The dentist applies whitening gel to the teeth and then shines a specialized light on the teeth to activate the bleaching agents. With this supervision from a dentist, you can prevent side effects like gum irritation from the gel touching sensitive tissue.

Your dentist may also give you a take-home whitening treatment if you prefer. This will also not leave a patient in pain. They can use custom-made trays filled with the gel and wear them as directed to gradually brighten their tooth color. The personalized fit of the trays will also stop gel from spreading anywhere in the mouth that could hurt.

Will My Teeth Feel Sensitive After Whitening?

Another concern that a patient might have about whitening treatment is the risk of feeling tooth sensitivity pain after the procedure. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the protective outer layer of the tooth, enamel, sustains damage. Then the nerves in the dentin layer of the tooth can become stimulated and send pain signals to the brain.

In some cases, the bleaching gel of this treatment can make the enamel more porous for a brief period. This allows stimulants to access nerves in the teeth to create sensitivity pain. When you choose to whiten your teeth with your dentist, you reduce this risk. Your dentist knows the unique makeup of your dental structure and can monitor the whitening process to minimize this side effect.

If you do feel sensitivity pain after your treatment, let your dentist know. They can discuss ways to relieve this discomfort. The side effects should also fade over time because the change to the dental structure is temporary.

How Can I Protect My Teeth After Whitening Treatment?

You can lower the chances of discomfort after teeth whitening treatment by following aftercare instructions from your dentist. They will let you know which foods can harm your tooth enamel, such as those that are sugary or acidic.

You should also continue practicing good oral hygiene. Keeping your teeth clean will clear plaque from your smile and stop it from hurting your tooth enamel too. Sticking to your dentist’s guidelines will make sure the cosmetic enhancement will last longer after your treatment too.