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Demystifying the Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns are a useful restorative dental treatment that can protect your teeth and restore your smile. Patients with decayed or broken teeth, or those who have undergone root canal therapy, can benefit from a dental crown.

Many dental patients might be nervous to receive dental work, but knowledge about what the procedure will entail can alleviate dental fear. Dr. Thomas Prendergast, a dentist in Fox Lake, IL, describes what you can expect in the dentist’s chair if you require dental crowns.

dental crown treatment in Fox Lake Illinois

Preparing the Tooth

Your dentist will complete an oral examination to determine if a dental crown is the best treatment option for you. A crown provides many benefits for your teeth, including replacing weakened enamel and enhancing the appearance of your smile by reshaping, whitening, or covering damaged teeth.

A dental crown can also be a necessary part of other dental work. Crowns can act as a prosthetic tooth for patients seeking tooth replacement through dental implants. They can also serve as a protective cover for a tooth after root canal therapy.

Constructing the Dental Crown

If your dentist determines that a dental crown is the right treatment for you, they will construct a crown for you in a dental lab. They will use 3D imaging of your unique smile to create a ceramic cap that fits the size, shape, and color of your teeth.

A permanent crown can take two weeks to create, so you will likely need to schedule an additional dentist appointment for your dental crown procedure. If necessary, your dentist can provide a temporary crown to fit your tooth in the meantime.

Securing the Permanent Crown

When your permanent crown is ready, you will return to your dentist to have it secured to your tooth. Your dentist will shave some of the enamel from the affected tooth to make room for your dental crown. They will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area for optimal patient comfort during the procedure.

The dentist will then fit the crown over your tooth and permanently bond it into place. They will finish the procedure by polishing the crown for a beautiful, natural look. You will be able to drive home after this procedure, though it may take several hours for the effects of the anesthetic to diminish.

Dental Crowns and More in Fox Lake, IL

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