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How Veneers Achieve a Natural Look

Do you feel unhappy about the way that your teeth look? If you want to get a brighter, straighter, or more even smile, ask your dentist about porcelain veneers. These cap-like shells adhere to the front of your teeth to build an enhanced smile according to your unique aesthetic goals.

Some people may worry that receiving fixtures on the teeth may make their smiles look fake or unnatural. But your dentist will prioritize making your veneers look as gorgeous and natural as possible. Read on to learn details about how your dentist can provide you with beautiful and authentic-looking smile enhancement with porcelain veneers.

How Veneers Achieve a Natural Look

Purposeful Material Choice for Porcelain Veneers

The dentists construct veneers from porcelain on purpose to achieve a finish that looks both stunning and natural in a patient’s smile. The dentist can adjust the color of the porcelain according to a patient’s existing dental structure and smile aesthetic goals.

But the porcelain will also mimic the appearance of natural teeth in that they can look glossy rather than matte in their finish. This way, you can smile with confidence knowing that your veneers can give you the smile of your dreams without appearing disjointed in your mouth.

Plus, porcelain will resist staining so that you can enjoy the bright, white finish for as long as possible. Porcelain is also durable, so you can look forward to smile enhancement without disrupting your usual oral function.

Veneers can remain on the teeth for fifteen years or longer with proper care and maintenance. Learn more about the longevity of veneers by contacting your cosmetic dentist.

Individualized Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Your dentist can ensure that your porcelain veneers appear authentic in your smile by providing you with custom-made fixtures. The dentist constructs each veneer on a personalized basis for their patients based on impressions of their smiles. This method helps achieve high-quality smile enhancement while also making veneers that suit the patient’s unique smile.

The dentist considers the size, shape, and color of the surrounding teeth when they build veneers in the dental lab. This way, the veneers will not only look amazing in your smile, but they will also fit comfortably and securely. Fixtures that fit properly will last longer in your smile, helping you maximize smile enhancement benefits.

Your dentist will also consult with you prior to beginning treatment with porcelain veneers. They will evaluate your smile to ensure that this is the best way to achieve your smile aesthetic goals. This individualized approach to cosmetic dentistry allows for each patient to accomplish their dream smiles in the optimal manner for their medical and dental history.

Schedule your cosmetic dental consultation today to determine if porcelain veneer treatment is right for your smile. The dentist will want to know about flaws you notice in your smile as well as your desired results. Veneers can fix minor dental alignment concerns, cover stubborn tooth stains, reshape irregular teeth, and more.