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Dangers of Gum Recession

Your gums serve as connective tissue that keeps your teeth in a firm, secure position in your smile. Many people do not realize that if you face damage to your gums, the look and feel of your teeth can suffer too.

Gum disease, harsh teeth brushing, poor oral habits, and injuries can lead to a condition called gum recession. This refers to the gum tissue pulling away from your teeth to expose more of the surface and underlying roots.

You will need treatment from your dentist to stop this problem from worsening. While the gums cannot regrow, your dentist can help you manage your condition and find ways to restore your periodontal and oral health.

You can feel more encouraged to seek urgent treatment for your gums if they begin to recede when you know more about the dangers your smile can face. Read on to learn about three serious oral health issues you can experience if you suffer from untreated gum recession.

Dangers of Gum Recession

Tooth Sensitivity

If the gums pull back from your teeth, more of your teeth become visible and exposed. Not only will this change the appearance of your smile, but it will also reveal more of the surface of your teeth.

This underlying part of your teeth may not have as much enamel to shield it because it was not meant to be exposed. This means that nerves within the tooth’s interior can become stimulated when touched by external elements like food. The nerves will transmit pain signals to the brain when this happens, resulting in tooth sensitivity.

While this tooth pain can feel intermittent, it is still excruciating when it happens. Take action to prevent gum recession to stop this uncomfortable symptom from occurring.

Missing Teeth

As mentioned, the gums function to keep the teeth in place in the mouth. With less gum tissue around the teeth, you might notice that your teeth seem to wobble in their sockets. You also face a risk of the teeth beginning to shift out of their straight position in your smile.

If the gums recede excessively, the teeth could also fall out of your mouth. Missing teeth can harm the function, health, and aesthetics of your smile. Preserve your natural dental structure by taking care of your gums. Do not ignore warning signs of tooth loss. Reach out to your dentist before further dental damage occurs.

Jawbone Deterioration

Gum recession can lead to many problems with your jaw. With less protection from the gum tissue, you can feel soreness in the teeth that may radiate to the jaw.

But you could also face weakening of the jawbone, especially if gum recession occurs because of gum disease. Bacteria will eat away at the gum tissue and continue to damage bone in the jaw too. This can cause the jaw to shrink, affecting the shape of your face and smile.

Missing teeth caused by damaged gums may also lead to jawbone deterioration. Do not delay treating gum disease or seeking tooth replacement from your dentist to protect the rest of your smile.