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Cosmetic Dentistry can Enhance Confidence

Have you thought about the possibility of seeing a cosmetic dentist in Fox Lake, Illinois? If this is something that you have been thinking about for quite some time now, you may have been on the search to find a cosmetic dentist in Fox Lake, Illinois who would offer the type of cosmetic dental services and procedures that you are currently seeking. Dr. Prendergast is a professional and experienced dentist who offers cosmetic dentistry to patients at Infinity Dental in Fox Lake.

There are many cosmetic procedures that you can easily choose from when visiting Infinity Dental. One of the two dentists will examine your teeth to try and decide which options will ultimately be the best for your teeth. However, you will have a say when it comes to the treatment you receive. There are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures in Chicago that can be performed to completely transform your smile to something you can surely feel confident about. Some of the services offered at Infinity Dental include complete smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening. These cosmetic procedures are commonly performed by Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Prendergast on a regular basis, which means they definitely know what they are doing.

Being a local dentist in Fox Lake, Illinois area, both Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Prendergast will perform a comprehensive evaluation of each patient before any cosmetic procedure. The purpose of the evaluation is to take a close look at the jawbone structure, the gums, and most importantly, the teeth. Diagnostic x-rays may also be taken to help the dentists choose the best option for improving your teeth and your smile. All of these steps will take place directly inside of the dentist office in Fox Lake, Illinois. Once the evaluation is completed, you will be able to discuss cosmetic dental procedure options. If you want teeth whitening, professional whitening is the way to go. The dental implants provided by these dentists are implanted in the mouth where teeth have gone missing. The porcelain veneers, made with only the strongest materials, are complete shells that get cemented directly over the natural teeth. Any of these options could be right for you.