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What Causes a Headache

Infinity Dental is a great dental clinic in Fox Lake, IL, that can provide exactly the right kind of service for you and your family. Dr. Thomas Prendergast, the family doctor and dentist who started this practice in Fox Lake, provides services for various dental ailments and even provides treatment like teeth whitening.

Many things can cause headaches, but one reason that many people don’t realize is that the source could be a dental problem. Clenching your teeth or your jaws can shoot regular pain up to your head. If your headaches are a dental problem, other symptoms that may occur are worn or chipped teeth from grinding them, pain or soreness in your jaw or your neck, locking or popping in your jaw, jaw immobility, ear pressure or earaches. It is also possible to have TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Teeth not fitting together properly cause this. Expert dentists at Infinity offer various treatments; for TMJ headaches, you may be fitted with a splint or a night guard, to be worn in your mouth at night to keep your teeth from grinding and thus reducing pressure. Dr. Prendergast also performs bite correction procedures like Invisalign. If you are experiencing headaches, schedule a consultation and he and his team will figure out what’s right for you.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is an excellent and quick way to brighten your smile. Teeth discoloration happens to everybody, and can be caused from drinks such as coffee and sodas, smoking or tobacco, neglect of proper dental hygiene, childhood diseases, age, or excessive fluoride levels in water. When you get your teeth whitened professionally, the concentration of bleach used is higher, making for a better result. You can either receive a custom-made teeth-whitening system to use in your own home, or you can get it done in-office at Infinity Dentistry in a single visit. The results are excellent and the procedure is safe and effective.

Infinity Dental offers many different dental services and Dr. Prendergast is a physician that you can trust. This business is professional and family friendly, and provides the exact dental care that you desire for you and your entire family.